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Barcode Module

Barcode module is used to search databases by scanning barcodes or by just entering text.

Barcode search is very fast. It does not take any time to go record 100,000 in a 120,000 record database! The barcode reader should be set to produce after each read. Usually it is already set for this or you can set it following the instructions manual. If it does not do this, then simply hit "ENTER" after a barcode is read.

If a barcode does not exist in the database, there will be a pop-up error message. User can also type text instead of using a barcode reader.

How it works:

  1. Open CheDbsoft application
  2. Open the Barcode/Text search window
  3. Select the database, the ID/Barcode field and click 'initialize'


copy TextSearch.dll into your ChemDB directory. For example C:/chemdbsoft