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ChemDBsoft Lite

ChemDBsoft Lite Version is suitable for efficient management of chemical databases with up-to 50,000 structures/records.

ChemDBsoft Lite Version features:

  • Fast and simple interface to create databases. A new database can be created in seconds!
  • Fast data browsing and sorting by any field.
  • Search by structure, substructure, similarity or any other data field.
  • Multiple database search - you can search several databases with one query!
  • 70 Free structure templates and a sample database are included.
  • Unlimited Import/Export in various data formats (SDF, TXT, JCAMP-LINK, etc..)
  • all version Windows OS compatible
  • Duplicate removal feature (removes records with identical structures, molecular weight, ID, or any other data field)
  • Fast multiple database searching, sorting, comparison, merging
  • Supports common data formats SDF, MOL, JCAMP and others
  • Includes Free Structure Editor (a $900 value! )
  • Printing Templates
  • Data password protection
  • Database size is up-to 50,000 structures/records. To manage unlimited-size (10,000,000 structures/records) databases please consider ChemDbsoft Standard Version.
  • Price: as low as $50 for government/academic users and $250 for commercial - a fraction of cost of what you'd pay for other software titles with similar functions. Contact us for multiple license pricing.
  • Download Free ChemDBsoft Demo:

    ChemDBsoft Lite Demo Version (3 Mb)

    Demo is fully functional except: CDROM is not provided, Batch import/export is limited to 10 structures, 70+ template structures are not included, Demo window pops up, technical support, updates and downloads are not available.

    Get a ChemDBsoft Lite Version Now!