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SLIPPER: LogP, LogC, LogD, LogSw, FA

Prediction of lipophilicity, solubility and the corresponding pH-dependent profiles and drug absorption

SLIPPERSoftware suite SLIPPER-2001 can be useful for chemists, biochemists, ecologists, molecular biologists, medicinal chemists and pharmacologists.

SLIPPER-2001 (Solubility, LIPophilicity, PERmeability) is used to predict the aqueous solubility, lipophilicity and absorption for a wide range of compounds based on structural similarity and physico-chemical properties of compounds.

With SLIPPER you will be able…

  • to predict the octanol/water partition coefficient value ( logD ) at different pH for a single compound or for an entire database containing hundreds thousands compounds
  • to predict an aqueous solubility value ( logSw ) at any pH
  • to get logD – pH and logSw - pH profiles
  • to use both the internal databases SLIPPER and databases in SDF-format
  • to save the results in *.doc, *.sdf , *.xls or *.txt formats.